About Us

Derek has been producing fine photography for Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers for twenty years. Based in Los Angeles, his work has taken him from the Pacific Rim through North America, the Caribbean and Europe. His career began with large format film, and he now brings that intrinsic, essential understanding of photography and light to digital imaging.

Brought up in England, the son of an architecturally trained civil engineer, Derek studied Art and Design at Portsmouth Art College, where he also learned the principle of photography. These elements were put to good use when, some years later, he moved to Southern California.

The open, and sometimes experimental, approach to architecture prevalent in California combine with the classical sensibilities to his upbringing, enable Derek to be completely conversant with practically any photography situation.

Consequently his portfolio encompasses the contemporary and the traditional, both in architecture and interior design. Whether it be Las Vegas casino, private residence, retail outlet, office environment, retail or post production studio, Derek brings an unexpected eye that has helped many clients with awards and get published both in the USA and abroad.

"Each project comes with its own dictates and requirements, the final image is a synthesis of both architectural and photographic disciplines."